• Name: Super high speed overlock sewing machine
  • Numbers: TY-M832-38
  • Views : 43



TY-M832-38 Super high speed overlock sewing machine/Plain seaming

TY-M800 series super high speed overlock sewing machine have the following main features:

1.Totally enclosed needle bar;2.Movable needle plate and presser foot;3.Optimized upper looper mechanism;

4.Main feed dog adopting double-row structure;5.Realizing lower thread tension sewing by optimized thread cam.

TY-M800 series super-speed overlock sewing mahcine is with latest technology and excellent performance.

High preciseness and stability assure a high-quality stitch.With minor modification!This machines can be applied for overlock 
of all   kinds of products with various type of material.Also it can install the auto-trimmer device to make it perfect.

Model Max. speed Needle size NO. of needle Needle guage NO. of thread Stitch length Overlock stitch width Differential ratio Presser lift height Rating power G/N Weight Packing size
S.P.M mm mm mm mm W kg mm
TY-M832-38 7000 14# 2 3 5 3.8 4 0.7-1.7 5.5 --- 33/25.5 375x250x300


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