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Business Philosophy

Pope purport: tree international brand, create first-class industry.


Make life: improve the efficiency of the user, to meet the market demand; Make contributions for the green environmental protection career.


Goals: let the customer know that we are trustworthy.


Management policy: thing is given priority to, multi-industry simultaneously; Based in taizhou, in Shanghai, for the window;


Facing the world, global radiation; Serve the society, the benefit of the people.


Business strategy: promotion, brand, innovation, efficiency, bigger and stronger.


Quality idea: quality is our eternal theme, is the basis for manufacturing high-quality goods carefully.


Enterprise spirit: sewed tong yu, one embodies the value of life.


Marketing concept: "tong yu clothing car, without moving the clothing in accordance with the".


Broad ideal: "worldwide prosperity yu,".


Core culture: affinity, close, and the family.


Core values: customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction.


Talent strategy: "respect knowledge, respect talent, people-oriented, science and technology enterprise".


Principle of choose and employ persons: intelligence and reinforce, nurtures the purge and agent.

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