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Household electrical appliance factory was established in 1984, huangyan county pu (co), is the first local company without a pentagram seal of individual enterprises. Nguyen village ancestral temple started after rent, production of household appliances accessories, miniature electric fan and four ministerial domestic enterprises supporting,

Xiao-qing Chen director long pu township people's congress elected representatives.


1985 enterprise products and domestic combined four star electric fan, small camel is suzhou, wuxi, chamomile, guangzhou, guangzhou, Shanghai, Watson has achieved breakthrough development.


Huangyan joint sewing machine factory, established in 1986, manufacturing sewing machine and zero. Rent MaoLin forces artillery venues, with bamboo and felt production building site. As the domestic buying spree, form a complete set of products to all over the country and with the domestic well-known brand.

Xiao-qing Chen factory huangyan county (city) people's congress elected representatives.


1987 electric overlock sewing machine (three line is developed.


1988 electric lines to four five overlock sewing machine (research and development success.


Influenced by domestic political situation in 1989, debt, inflation is serious, the domestic economy, enterprise direction adjustment experience, individual enterprises facing pressure to survive, how to deal with information or surnamed club, shift from domestic to export, research and development products, foreign demand orientation of the development of export-oriented.

Electric automatic refueling overlock machine is developed.


In 1990 through the Canton fair products to foreign markets, especially in automatic refueling sewing machine, a sewing machine industry first, and rightly so: in the Canton fair, popular with international dealers, products in short supply. In the long pu township land 5 acres for enterprise development.


Tong yu 1991 high-speed flat sewing machine research and development success, to fill gaps in the province. Be capable of producing high-speed flat sewing machine first, private enterprises. To compete with the big four state-owned domestic sewing machine enterprises, tong yu sewing machine to domestic and foreign markets, export value of the top three in this area.


In 1992, sino-foreign joint venture taizhou yu sewing machine co., LTD. Was set up, is the industry's first joint venture enterprise entered a stage of rapid development, from now on to the export of international road. (15 mu land)


In 1993 to import the TQC total quality management, become the key leading enterprise huangyan city. Research and development of the small flat seaming machine, which is favored by customers at home and abroad. (20 mu of land).


High-speed overlock sewing machine (developed in 1994.


Shares in 1995, the industrial structure, organizational structure, transformation, to the modern enterprise direction of the industry. Taizhou know-it-all international trade co., LTD. Was set up, the separation of integrated production and marketing of modern enterprise. Founded in Shanghai in Shanghai tong yu industrial sewing machine co., LTD to the domestic market to pave the way for the enterprise. (70 mu land in Shanghai)


Giant can die casting industry co., LTD was founded in 1996, taizhou, enterprises expand into motorcycle engine manufacturing, cooperate with geely group manufacture motorcycle engine and die casting.


Taizhou drink Dr. Technology co., LTD., established in 1997, into clean drinking water, bottled water areas (16 acres of land)


In 1998 under the influence of southeast Asian economic crisis, the enterprise industry market adjustment once again. Sewing machine industrial structure adjustment, flat, packages, a variety of 300 tension of, products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions, has built the marketing network in the domestic more than 20 province, formed the sewing machine, motorcycle engine, etc., comprehensive development of drinking water.


1999 100000 flat sewing machine production line, well-paid huangyan machine tool accessories factory is a full range of engineering and technical personnel to join tong yu, implement new leap.


In 2000, zhejiang tong yu sewing machine co., LTD., for sewing machine joint-stock companies set up sino-foreign joint venture in zhejiang tong yu locomotive industrial co., LTD., on the road to the capital market, to develop in the direction of research and development of motorcycle motor, walk not cross-industry industry diversification.


In 2001, sino-foreign joint venture in zhejiang tong yu locomotive industrial co., LTD., zhejiang province.also for high-tech enterprises, professional manufacture of motorcycles, electric cars and engines.


Successful 2002 import CIS recognition system management, the "affinity, close, and the family" as the core of enterprise culture in enterprise management and development, the successful development of internal combustion engine, gasoline generator set


Know-it-all international trade co., LTD. Was established in 2003 in Hong Kong, an international platform, expand the international market, the bigger the establishment of tong yu industrial company is taizhou biggest joint ventures, want to garden machinery small internal combustion engines, generators, agricultural machinery. Central industrial zone land of 128 mu.


Tong yu holding group, established in 2004, the group capitalization operation, establishment of tong yu sewing machine co., LTD. Restart the listing process. Taizhou all-pass machinery is given priority to with small machinery, garden machinery. Xiao-qing Chen, chairman of taizhou city people's congress elected representatives.

Tong yu group, in order to accurately grasp the pulse of the market, close to the market, promote tong yu, character and national industry as the theme, with affinity, close, the family enterprise culture as the carrier, travelling across the country's first conducted a visit hundred enterprises market tour and true love's heart interactive activities. Visited hundreds of key clothing enterprise, hundreds of distributors and some parts production backbone enterprises. The move won the first technical service and quality control data, in order to further improve the perspective-taking, the level of the self-improvement has laid a solid foundation, but also let us clear meaning to shoulder the responsibility, the revitalization of national industry lags. CCTV, zhejiang TV and so on more than 20 news media reported to give the key.

Tong yu firms were identified for the industrial and commercial bureau of zhejiang province well-known firm. Tong yu group, zhejiang foreign economic and trade cooperation agency recognized as zhejiang export famous brand enterprises.


Tong yu TY - 2005 B211 computer-controlled high-speed lockstitch sewing machine was the royal museum, this is the only Chinese national brand products of library collection, this is not only the pride of tong yu, is also a symbol of China's sewing machine to the world.

Tong yu brand industrial sewing machine was identified as zhejiang famous brand industry, PROTEX trademark was identified as famous trademark of zhejiang province.


In 2006 comprehensive reform the land acquisition 60 acres of sewing machine, 500000 sewing machines technical renovation project implementation to listing sprint.

Tong yu group, the success of the Chinese clothing brand internationalization peak BBS, light industry Chen Shineng, textile and garment always Du Yuzhou, economic daily, China central television (CCTV) quality tour promoters YiFeng attend and speech, this is the first domestic sewing machine industry alone -- the high level of BBS, aimed at promoting China's garment industry and how the clothing brand internationalization, how to occupy the foreign markets, how to further expand the thesis, such as China national brand influence abroad by the best effect. China central television channel 2 also made special reports.

Tong yu sewing machine co., LTD., zhejiang province.also for high-tech enterprises.


Group development zone coastal industry base, in 2007 established land, 120 mu of zhejiang pearl Mr Machinery co., LTD. Specialized in garden machinery, internal combustion engine, wood gasoline power generation and research and development, manufacture and sales of the unit.

Tong yu ()) the trademark was identified as well-known trademarks. Get inspection-free certificate.


2008, influenced by international economic transformation and upgrading of enterprise facing structural adjustment, forming a sewing machine, the forest machinery, agricultural machinery, electric vehicle industry.

Establishment of xin ding aluminum looking for a new development direction, a joint venture xin jia real estate, days building.

Group's tong yu sewing machine co., LTD., by the national ministry of science and technology identified as national high and new technology enterprise.


2009, looking for new development gap, energy saving and emission reduction building aluminum base in ningxia, joint venture for xin ding comprehensive adjustment.


In 2010, due to the needs of the transformation and upgrading, tong yu sewing machine co., LTD change into new tong yu co., LTD.


Go out in 2011, combination; Find business opportunities, and win-win development. Actively respond to the government's call for energy conservation and emissions reduction and the needs of the transformation and upgrading of enterprise itself, in the shandong qingzhou construction tong yu precision casting industrial park (1300 mu of land)


Tong yu group in 2012 in taizhou city, 116 key engineering enterprise.


Completion in 2013, development base, the construction area of 60000 square meters, garden machinery, agricultural machinery, internal combustion engines, generators, electric cars moved to the new base.

Sewing machine in Shanghai international sewing machine exhibition a complete success, receive sewing machine at home and abroad over 50000 professionals.


In 2014, resource integration and industrial structure adjustment, to a coastal base, formed by sewing machine industry, the pearl industry, electric industry specialization, fine, and stronger business philosophy.

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