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Leadership speech

Tong yu people pursue new career, lead the people walk the road of independent innovation

Tong yu gathering talented person, let each employee to maximum potential, embody the value of life

The people have a goal, that is "international brand, tree industry first-class"

Tong yu who manufacture first-class products to meet market demand, trusted users

To be a responsible person, do a responsible enterprise, establish the sense of responsibility

Affinity, close, affection of enterprise culture, make people have a broad mind, dedicated team spirit, make people indomitable, tenacious fight

The job as a career, the career into the production of the outlook on life

Worldwide in yu, the broad ideal

Welcome to use yuxin products, welcome to tong yu business, let us join hands and win-win cooperation, a total of figure.

Chairman of the board of directors:

Taizhou TOYOU Garment Machinery Technology Co.,LTD.

Taizhou Dening Trading Co.,Ltd

Tong yu locomotive industry co., LTD

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