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“affinity Close affection”Enterprise culture


Tong yu after nearly 3 O years of entrepreneurship and accumulation, forming a unique "affinity, close, family" enterprise culture, and took her as a core culture.


Affinity, "and" represents the tradition and culture of China, reconciliation, harmony, harmony, under one roof, we advocate the traditional culture of harmony, advocate "harmony", "" a gentle, forming a harmonious atmosphere, casting and force team, in the context of a building where to build a positive, progressive platform, to create a harmonious space, tong yu brand.


Close better good neighbours near than relations far away, refers to the relationship between higher and lower, left and right sides, the relationship between the employees tong yu's relationship with the government, and the surrounding of social relations, the relationship between peers, suppliers, dealers, and set up a kind of such as neighborhood relationship between users, its core is to make a "to do a responsible man, a responsible enterprise" values.


Family is kinship, users, dealers, suppliers, employees of relatives and the extension of social surroundings, aged respected, charity support "affinity" and "close", "affinity" outstanding environment construction; "Close" interpretation is a process, is the method; "Family" is focus on the integration of emotion, the sublimation of values and emotional intelligence, the formation of "work as a business, let into the life" of the outlook on life, world outlook, the values. Affection on behalf of the direction of the tong yu efforts, between boss and employees, between the superior and subordinate, between colleagues and colleagues, and the close relation between partners, like the same trench comrades, toward the established goals. Encourage each other, improve together, achieve a win-win situation.


Culture is the soul of enterprise, carries forward the spirit of enterprise, is to show enterprise image, promote enterprise harmonious healthy and rapid development of power; Is the enterprise all employees in the work and production in the formation of the values, ethics, is the enterprise in business activities in the formation of the management idea and management policy. Tong yu culture core, it is to carry forward the spirit of enterprise, show the image of enterprises and promote the healthy development of the enterprise soul, is the power of building a harmonious enterprise, is the philosophy of the theory of building excellent enterprise employees. For nearly 30 years, tong yu always put the enterprise culture construction in the important position, as an important work to grasp, the company according to the demands of the development of the enterprise every year a series of entertainment activities, acura advanced deeds, show employee talent, build enterprise employees ShiCai platform, carry forward the spirit of enterprise. Combine employees hobby and job training, the staff of life values combined with practical work, not only enhance the employees' time feeling, values, and promote the healthy development of the employees, to create a learning-oriented enterprises, the knowledge staff to create a good atmosphere. In recent years, the company has held a variety of happy, rich and colorful style recreational activities, not only enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, and edify sentiment employees, set up the correct outlook on life, values and world view.

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