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Tong yu holding group predecessor was founded in the early reform and opening up, is the first without a pentagram official seal to the local \"stock cooperation system enterprises, 500 yuan of the partnership, currently have tong yu sewing machines, the mechanical Pal, tong yu locomotive, such as the core enterprise, with sewing equipment manufacture, smart devices overall solution, garden machinery, agricultural machinery, internal combustion engine generator set, electric cars and other industries. Products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions, formed a marketing network in the country.


Tong yu go the way of new industrialization, is the national quality management advanced enterprises, state-level high-tech enterprises, China's well-known trademarks, inspection-free products, export brand, the enterprise of zhejiang province, national torch plan, provincial and municipal outstanding new products, more than the patent demonstration enterprises, integrity enterprises, green enterprise, learning-oriented enterprises, top 500 industrial enterprises, YongJunYouShu advanced private enterprises, civilized units and so on many honors.


Tong yu adhere to independent innovation, to master the core technology, set up master studios at the provincial level, drive the talent training, respect knowledge, respect talented person is the foundation of enterprise development, adhere to brand strategy \"tree international brand, and the industry first-class\" as brand personality, depending on the brand in the relationship between the enterprise life, depending on the brand of ethnic relations. Adhere to market-oriented, to establish a pre-sale, sale, after-sale as one of the global marketing network, providing intelligent solutions, adhere to the quality system construction, let the user trustworthy, with affinity, close, the family enterprise culture idea, form the moral norms, values, code of conduct, improve the cohesion and centripetal force and endurance to build corporate image, to be a responsible person, do a responsible enterprise, the work as a career, put the business into the philosophy of life, life in space, the famous global ambitions, make enterprises continue to grow stronger, build first-class enterprise group.

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